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Blog Beautiful: 50 Tips + Fixes to Make Your Blog Glow! [eBook]

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This 178 page book (instant download) is more than just a book with a list of tips. It’s a self-paced course with a that is meant to hold your hand every step of the way from .

If you...
  • are embarrassed by your blog’s look
  • are a total beginner when it comes to blog design
  • want to learn how to tweak your own blog
...Blog Beautiful is perfect for you!

No matter where you are in your blogging journey, Blog Beautiful will help improve the look of any blog, gain you more credibility and help you increase traffic!

Here’s what’s included:

  • Defining your blog’s goals: Identify your blog’s audience and goals before you even start on your redesign.
  • Overall Look + Feel: Design Principles 101
  • Header: Learn how to create a beautiful blog header that invites people in
  • Sidebar: What to keep, what to ditch, how to organize it and use it to it’s fullest advantage.
  • Blog Posts: Organize and format your post content from intro to post footer. How to make posts easy to read and what fonts to use.
  • Comments: How to encourage more comments on your blog
  • Images: Create beautiful post images with the right resources to make them.
  • Details: All the little that complete your design.

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This book will work for blogs on any blogging platform even though the tutorials are aimed specifically at Blogger and self-hosted WordPress blogs.

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Blog Beautiful: 50 Tips + Fixes to Make Your Blog Glow! [eBook]

2 ratings
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